Welcome to DeviantCord’s documentation!


DeviantCord 3’s reaches end of support on December 15th, 2021. V3 will only receive bug fixes until it reaches End of Life. Due to Discord.py being discontinued. Please check the discord server for more information here.


This documentation has the bare minimum information. If you require assistance. here.


DeviantCord 3 had a short 3 month life span due to Discord.py being discontinued and we did not have a chance to write documentation. This documentation is largely for DeviantCord 2, if you need assistance please use the server link above.

We’d Rather then spend time writing documentation for a version that is discontinued in a couple months. We are focusing on developing V4.

right here.

Welcome to the official documentation for DeviantCord 3, a Discord bot that allows the server to stay up to date with their favorite artists.

Unlike DeviantCord 1, you do not need to wait for us to approve your request for the bot to join the server. You can have the bot join the server using this link.

So jump right in!

Should I use the public bot?

DeviantCord 2 is a major rewrite of the original DeviantCord discord bot, written specifically for multiserver use and utilizes many server components to the bots advantage. If you are unfamiliar with Linux and Postgres, it is recommended use the public bot that we offer for free.

Getting Started (Public Bot)


Normally, there would be a section for self hosting here. However, due to the extensive changes in DeviantCord 2 and The Self Hosting documentation is delayed. The Self Hosting documentation will be posted soon.

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The API docs, are outdated and will be updated shortly.